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Re: Which bicycle

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25 June, 2001 01:50AM
Posted by Si on January 03, 19101 at 18:06:28:

In Reply to: Which bicycle posted by Matthew on December 14, 19100 at 17:26:16:

You could try

This site was never designed as a full product listing, it is here merely to assist in the basics. We can offer no advice of which bike is best against any other
because the "best" is the best for you, not the best for a reviewer. Nothing can substitute the good advice you will recfeive by visiting a number of specialist cycle retailers. They will be
able to ask you about your plans and then suggest alternatives based on your requirements. No magazine/website can offer this tailored service.

: Does anyone know of any magazine or
other source which lists what bicycles are available at any given price and, ideally, makes recommendations of what bikes are best value for money?

: I find the whycycle site very
informative on general principles but light on these specifics.

: I think I need a mountain bike as I will be cycling cross-country as well as on roads, but I won't be going up or
down any serious mountains or anything else particularly rugged or over great distances.
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Which bicycle

Old Message 25 June, 2001 01:49AM

Re: Which bicycle

Old Message 25 June, 2001 01:50AM


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