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Re: Ridgeback MX2/Bora

23 September, 2008 08:46AM
Hi Jake

I know the Ridgeback range well - I sell them and so my remarks should take that into account. The thing I like most about them is that the specification of the components on any given bike is very even and this allows me to suggest specific levels of bike against a specific need. On this forum I have suggested that people beware of bikes with mixed up specs, higher spec bits to catch the eye and low spec in places where you will not spot them to get the price down. The bike is only as good as the weakest part.

The MX2 is the basic bike in the Terrain range and the Bora is the basic bike in the Switch range. The terrain range are mountain bikes and the switch range are designed more for urban use being essentially mountain bikes without suspension forks. They are a cut above most of the other bikes in this price range in my opinion but I am not convinced that bikes in this price range are going to give the performance that an adult is looking for.

The MX2 is, again in my opinion, the best sub teenager bike around. The kit level, all Shimano Tourney and basic RST fork, is more than adequate for this age group. I think that adults, being more powerful, need a higher spec level on a bike that is going to be used for the daily commute especially if it is going to involve a bit of rough riding. I'd be suggesting a 24 speed, not because of the extra gears, but because generally it comes with a stronger rear axle set up and better rims giving wheels that will take more punishment. For that reason I would also be suggesting something higher specced than the Bora.

Of the two styles of bike I would prefer the Switch for Urban commuting if there is some rough riding involved. You might get rattled a bit by the lack of suspension but the lower weight and simplicity of the fixed fork should compensate.

My summary is that of the two styles the Switch is the more suitable but I would recommend you spend a bit more to get a spec that would give you a bike that will keep on going day after day taking whatever you want to throw at it.
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Ridgeback MX2/Bora

Jake 22 September, 2008 02:32PM

Re: Ridgeback MX2/Bora

DocB 23 September, 2008 08:46AM

Re: Ridgeback MX2/Bora

Jake 25 September, 2008 01:44PM

Re: Ridgeback MX2/Bora

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