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Re: Wheel size

11 November, 2008 08:34PM

What you do is read the instructions and follow them. If you are not good at that sort of thing then find somebody who is! I hate following instructions but this is one case when I have to set that aside and do as I am told.

At some point you have to enter the wheel circumference in millimetres but you will find a handy table in the instructions that will tell you what the circumference is for all sorts of wheel sizes. Look on the side of your tyre and it will have a code somewhere which will be 700x38 or maybe 700x40, depending on the actual tyres fitted to your bike. Look this code up in the table to give the circumference and that is the number you use. If you find yourself doing 100mph in bottom gear then you will have got it wrong and will need to try again - I had a guy who came into the shop the other day with that problem.

Good luck.

PS a computer is a useful accessory if you are looking to your bike as a means of getting fit. Ride the same route and watch the elapsed time drop as your fitness improves.
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Wheel size

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700×38c wheels

Paul Allan 04 March, 2018 01:42PM

Re: Wheel size

Cotterpin 11 November, 2008 07:27PM


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