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Re: Cycling exursions

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25 June, 2001 02:04AM
Posted by Si on March 15, 19101 at 00:01:24:

In Reply to: Cycling exursions posted by Laura Madonald on March 09, 19101 at 11:29:23:

: Im
doing a degree level course in Birmingham. An for one of our assignments we have to arrange our own 'Providing a package' holiday for experianced cyclists. We have looked on teh web and
many different sites,but nothing seems to help!!
: We need to produce a realsitic package.
: Recommende a appropraite itinerary
: Suggest acommodation
There are already a number
of organised trips layed on throughout the year, predominantly training camps in islands like menorca etc or mainland spain where the climate is good enough.
I would suggest that you
contact the local cycling club to see if they have any details of pre-arranged trips.

: and then sell the package in a presentation. I was wondering whether or not you could
provide me with the relevant information. We mainly thought about planning the holiday in Europe and traveling over the EU, as they are experianced cyclists./ I would really appreciate your

: hank!
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Cycling exursions

Old Message 25 June, 2001 02:04AM

Re: Cycling exursions

Old Message 25 June, 2001 02:04AM


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