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Re: Removal of auto gears?

25 June, 2010 01:04PM
Jo, never seen one in real life but a quick look at the Shimano technical CD suggests it is a standard nexus hub with a gizmo mounted on the chainstay to change the gears. Looks like a screwdriver job to remove the gizmo. You will then be left with a nexus hub which will need a three speed shifter and cabling to get it working manually. If you want to get rid of the hub and fit some other gearing, then you will need new wheel, shifters and mech, that is assuming the bike frame is designed to take a rear dérailleur. If you are going that far then maybe your bargain is not as good as you thought it was.

The popularity of the device was such that hardly anybody has ever seen one. This should tell you something about the second hand value!
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Removal of auto gears?

Jo 25 June, 2010 10:07AM

Re: Removal of auto gears?

DocB 25 June, 2010 01:04PM

Re: Removal of auto gears?

Jo 25 June, 2010 02:10PM

Re: Removal of auto gears?

Amnesia Wes 08 October, 2011 07:45AM


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