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Re: Bikes2udirect

19 November, 2010 12:13PM
Tight budget or not, with bikes you get what you pay for. Bear in mind that bikes bought on-line/mail order come in a box for you to build. Your only warranty is with the supplier and if they happen to be 100 miles away then tough. Most major brands now carry a disclaimer that the bike MUST be built by an approved retailer and that there is no warranty on self-built bikes.
I (as a retailer) find that these cheap bikes, (which customers bring in as they can't assemble them properly), take me at least twice as long to get the gears/brakes working at all as it does on recognised brands. One recently took two and a half hours to prepare it was so bad.
What value would you put on knowing that-
The bike has been assembled correctly amd is in a road-worthy condition.
There is the facility for a free check over after 4-6 weeks use.
Any problems which occur in the warranty period can be sorted locally.
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