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20 November, 2010 10:02AM
If you are confident about the size of bicycle and are willing to put up with any hassles that might occur if you need to return a bicycle then online retailers can sometimes provide savings. Bicycle shops that also sell bicycles online have qualified mechanics that set up the bicycle prior to dispatch. They then turn the handlebars and remove the pedals for ease of packing. These bicycles only need a few minor adjustments after unpacking and they are ready to ride.

From looking at the Bikes2udirect web site it appears that they are selling bicycles on to the customer without setting them up first. The customer receives the bicycle in a box in the same way a bicycle shop would receive it. The customer is then required to build the bicycle. This is why they can offer cheaper prices. Are you confident of your skills in building a bicycle so it is safe and comfortable to ride?
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Dave Rolfe 18 November, 2010 08:40PM

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