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Re: Hybrid advice please

03 June, 2011 10:20AM
Thanks for the replies,

I appreciate you looking into the "Bad Boy" Docb, apart from the number of gears, weight and size of the wheels, I really don't know what the rest of the spec lists mean or what i'm comparing!

Thanks Cotterpin, I didn't realise there was an on the spot fine, I just thought the police gave you a ticking off and a clip round the ear (I must be showing my age!!) The road on my commute is a windy rush-hour high speed, out-of-town rat run full of pot holes. Whereas the pavement is smoother, safer and I haven't encountered a single pedestrian on them in my 3 weeks of cycling, I would like to think the police would bear that in mind if they do decide to stop me.

Maybe its because i'm a new cyclist, but the road scares the hell out of me at times. Although i'm sure i'll gain confidence over the next few weeks.

Anyone else have an opinion on the "Bad Boy"?

Many thanks
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Hybrid advice please

sjch 02 June, 2011 02:17PM

Re: Hybrid advice please

docb 02 June, 2011 04:12PM

Re: Hybrid advice please

Cotterpin 02 June, 2011 08:33PM

Re: Hybrid advice please

sjch 03 June, 2011 10:20AM


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