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First 'real' bike

14 July, 2011 04:17PM
I'm looking to buy my first bike suited to me...I'm a young adult female and though physically very fit I'm not very strong and can find bikes a bit unwieldy.
Until now, I have only borrowed my parents' bikes which have been large mountain bikes and besides having no concept of how to use the many gears, they are too heavy and not really suited to my purpose.
I'm looking for a bike that will get me to and from work on roads and on leisure cycle paths, with the occasional mountain hike but only on a well ridden trail.
I've just been into my local bike store which seems to concentrate on selling Merida bikes and the very helpful chap said I was best off with a hybrid bike and suggested 2 models at £300-£400. As I'm so new to this I don't really know how these prices compare but the bike type assistance on this site suggested upwards of £250 for a good hybrid...
So generally I guess I'm just trying to find out whether I've been advised correctly, what kind of prices I should be considering for bike around the entry level and any suggestions on good models.
I was also advised (not by the shop assistant) to try just looking somewhere like Halfords because they are cheaper but if I want the bike to last a decent while and get a good and enjoyable performance out of it is this wise? :/
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First 'real' bike

Peps09 14 July, 2011 04:17PM

Re: First 'real' bike

cotterpin 15 July, 2011 12:22PM

Re: First 'real' bike

Peps09 15 July, 2011 09:44PM


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