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Re: First 'real' bike

15 July, 2011 12:22PM
The suggestion of a hybrid is a good one to follow as your posting says you have a mixture of terrain to cross. These are basically road orientated bikes with mountain bike gearing and slightly heavier tyres than you would normally find on a road bike.
Make sure you are happy with the service/advice and potential back up the shop gave you, and that the bike is comfortable to ride. At this price point you will be looking at the Merida Crossway 10 or 20 range, both of which give good value for money. (Merida is a manufacturer who make bikes for many others "brands" and whose prices came DOWN on the 1st July) Of these I would suggest the crossway 10 with the optional mudguards and pannier rack fitted.
As far as Halfords go, be aware that whilst they often advertise brand X, model Y bikes at so much off manufacturers recommended retail price, what they don't tell you is that they have these bikes made specifically for Halfords and the specification is not the same as you will find in a cycle shop even though the model name is the same. They also tend to employ 16 year olds to "assemble" the bikes!
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First 'real' bike

Peps09 14 July, 2011 04:17PM

Re: First 'real' bike

cotterpin 15 July, 2011 12:22PM

Re: First 'real' bike

Peps09 15 July, 2011 09:44PM


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