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Richard Burton
23 July, 2011 08:02AM
This site claims to provide impartial information, and most of the time it seems to do so, but not on the subject of cycle helmets. Taken from the page on helmets:

"Closing thoughts...
The safety benefits offered by wearing a helmet do exist, but these benefits should be neither over-estimated nor under-estimated. Surely anything which can offer an extra amount of safety is worthwhile as long as it does not leave you with a false sense of security.
[commentstrong]We would recommend the wearing of a correctly fitting and fitted bicycle helmet but ultimately the decision to wear a helmet or not has to be a matter for the individual.[/commentstrong]"

The latest TRL report for the DfT found, like all the other research which looked at all the evidence, that there was no safety benefit from cycle helmets. All the evidence showing massive benefits has been shown to be unreliable when peer reviewed, whilst the evidence showing no benefit has been shown to be reliable. The entire case for cycle helmets rests on bad science, Thompson, Rivara and Thompson, which made fantastic claims that just aren't seen in real life, but that hasn't stopped them being endlessly repeated as if they were true. There is some evidence to show that cycle helmets make cycling more risky, not less.

The page also has a large section about how to make sure that a helmet fits correctly, but the only research showing that helmet fit made any difference was conducted by the same bad scientists who produced the original ludicrous claims, not exactly calculated to induce confidence.

If this site is really interested in being impartial, when is the page on helmets going to be changed?
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Richard Burton 23 July, 2011 08:02AM

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DocB 23 July, 2011 10:42PM

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