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Re: First Hybrid Bike

18 October, 2011 04:55PM
Hi Cotterpin,

Thanks for your response - although I think maybe I have come across slightly the wrong way, probably by me not putting enough detail in the post. Allow me to clarify a bit.
I have been into the shop a couple of times and looked around some cycle at what I want. I agree its great to sit on them, but surely some things your only going to find out after riding it for a while. For example I hear Specialized have a smaller 'reach' distance than other brands. I cant really tell if thats better for me or not until ive done a week riding on it and see if its comfortable..

With regards to the budget I did base this both of what I saw in the shop, but also what I can afford. Whilst it would be nice to source a bike and then ask for the voucher, I have to set a limit. There is also a little give and take around the pricing - for example, I could spend £700 on the bike, £100 on accessories and use the full voucher, or alternatively spend the full £800 on the bike and just buy the extra myself without too much worry (relative saving being fairly small on the additional amount).

If there is little to tell between components then fair enough, I wont worry too much. I guess I was looking to clarify if there were any issues or considerations with the bikes I had named that could affect my choice. I have sat on 3 of them, and they all feel great to me, the last bike i had was probably a 40kg steal mtb back when i was 14. So they all feel like featherweight beauties, and very comfortable - was just if there was anything extra to consider, for example like the disc brakes, or an alternative i hadnt spotted that I could try.

Am i really going about this the wrong way? sad smiley
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First Hybrid Bike

Feiticera 18 October, 2011 01:50PM

Re: First Hybrid Bike

Cotterpin 18 October, 2011 04:31PM

Re: First Hybrid Bike

Feiticera 18 October, 2011 04:55PM

Re: First Hybrid Bike

Cotterpin 18 October, 2011 08:53PM


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