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Re: Punctures

23 October, 2011 06:47PM
A good question.....

My own take on the issue, and the one I pass on to my customers, is that the filled tubes are not as good as the manufacturers claim, but do help if you are prone to punctures. If you have a filled tube and you run over a thorn or a nail that penetrated the tyre and tube then one of two things can happen. Either you may not even know about it because the tyre stays inflated or the tyre will slowly deflate. If that happens then you need to find the offending item and pull it out. Then you spin the wheel round a few times and re inflate it. Then one of two things can happen. Either the tyre stays inflated and off you go or it won't inflate and you have to change the tube.

I have customers who swear by filled tubes, I have customers who swear at them. At one extreme there is a guy who had a nail as well as several thorns in his tyre and it stayed up. At the other end there is somebody who moved to filled tubes and punctured both first time out and they would not seal. I have a lot of customers who use them in pushchairs which generally have poor quality tyres and puncture for fun. On balance, using these tubes in this application is a very good idea and have been a godsend to many.

So treat them as moving he odds of suffering from a the effects of a puncture onto your side rather than a complete cure.
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