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Re: Adult Bike sizing

02 November, 2011 07:39PM
If, whilst sat on the saddle, your heel neatly rests on the pedal at its lowest position then general guidance would suggest that the frame is not too big, however the correct size is governed by a multiple of factors.

I'd guess that your meteor has a suspension seat pillar fitted which explains why you are struggling to touch the floor. A suspension seat post limits how low the saddle can be set, effectively increasing the frame size.

HOWEVER, for adult bikes, sizing is a combination of leg length to get the initial rough size and then "reach", ie the distance from saddle to handlebars.
Once you have your basic size based on legs, you then consider if you feel stretched out, in which case getting a size smaller would possibly be beneficial. If you feel bunched up, or sat too upright, then you go up a size.

All the above is simply "rule of thumb" and nobody can tell you precisely whether you've bought the right size or not without actually seeing you astride the bike AND riding it.
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Adult Bike sizing

Simon T 02 November, 2011 05:47PM

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Re: Adult Bike sizing

Simon T 04 November, 2011 03:35PM

Re: Adult Bike sizing

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Re: Adult Bike sizing

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Re: Adult Bike sizing

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