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Re: pinnacle bikes

09 November, 2011 08:11AM
As we keep on saying on here, you get what you pay for. For a £360 bike ( the true value for an own brand bike is the "sale" price and not the "rrp" ) you get £360 pounds worth of bike. Start with that as your method of assessment and you will not go far wrong.

In my opinion Carrera bikes are not good value. They are compromised to get the price down and Halfords service is notoriously erratic. I could sell bikes equivalent to them in my shop at similar or lower prices if I wanted to. I don't because I would have to explain to the customer that if the bike were used a lot, the cable operated disc brakes would need constant adjustment and that the bottom bracket might not last very long, and that the SRAM can be a bit fragile.

The pinnacle looks better but they have got the price down by fitting a dodgy bottom bracket, joytech hubs (try getting a freehub body for the rear ) and one of the newer cheaper hydraulic disc brakes. We have yet to see if they will have problems.

My recommendation is always to go for a bike that has a more consistent spec even if it has not got the latest gizmos. A good V brake is easier to live with than a cheap disc brake. Hubs and bottom bracket are more important than the design of the decals. A bike with a discount on the price means that it could not be sold at the higher price. Reducing the price does not mean it is a better bike, it just means that the price is closer to its real value.
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pinnacle bikes

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Re: pinnacle bikes

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Re: pinnacle bikes

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