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Re: pinnacle bikes

09 November, 2011 06:50PM
Thanks for the support Mr Adminman. I agree totally about the V brake being perfectly adequate for most riding and for them being easier to live with. If you are a downhill racer where you might be looking for maximum braking time and time again then it is a different matter. In those conditions they outperform a V brake by quite a margin. If you use them to control speed rather than to stop the bike violently you will just finish up wearing out brake pads a bit quick and at £15 or so a set it can be expensive.

Taking the various Hydraulic disc brakes that are available then this is the way I read them...

Shimano. Top of the list because they work well, have no big down sides, and are well supported for spares. Best option for most bikes

Hope. Expensive but top level performance, almost a must have for downhill fiends. British made and support is first class.

Formula . Becoming more common but spares supply and back up is not yet settled. They have moved to a new importer so only time will tell if backup is better than the nightmare it used to be.

Hayes. Well established and back up very good from the long time importer. Tendency for pistons to stick if used a lot in wet conditions. Complete strip down needed to replace them.

Avid. Not as well made as they used to be.

Tektro. Not seen enough of them to make a judgement. Fitted to cheaper bikes which does not bode well

Anything else, avoid.

When it comes to mechanical disc brakes, the now discontinued shimano were not too bad as were the avids. The rest are best avoided, especially anything fitted to a bike costing less than £300.
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pinnacle bikes

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Re: pinnacle bikes

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Re: pinnacle bikes

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