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Conhismotor batteries

12 January, 2012 11:54PM
Hi All
Just a cautionary tale for anyone needing a battery for their bike,I purchased what appeared to be a great battery (36v 12AH LiFrPo4) for my electric bike off Ebay in September 2010 from a Chinese company called Conhismotor who promise excellent quality products and a 12 month warranty.The battery failed after two months use of my bike for my daily commute to work and following the charging instructions correctly.After Emailing them multiple times to several different contacts who seemed helpfull at first but just stopped replying once they obviously obtained the information which showed the battery was indeed faulty, this went on for approx.7 months just being eventually ignored by each contact I established.I after all this time was finally instructed to open the battery and basically strip down and diagnose the problem myself and then they would supply parts to repair the battery(this I settled for in pure desperation to get my bike working).I stripped the battery and quickly became aware that the quality item they promised was a very shoddilly thrown together effort held together with sellotape,and it was plain to see that the internal wiring had caught fire due to short circuiting (HMM QUALITY) I replaced the burnt out wiring (taking care not to leave any in places likely to cause problems unlike the original shoddy build) only to find that the fault and resultant heat from the burnt out wiring had damaged several cells and the BMS.All of this was communicated to Conhismotor via another very frustrating 3-4 months of Emails and then this last contact started, like the others, to ignore me.After loads of Emails hoping for a reply I sent an unrelated sales enquiry with my wifes Email and got immediate responses so when they realised I had caught them out, then and only then they finally agreed to send me my parts (previously described in detail with dimensions,photographs and part numbers etc.)After another 2-3 months I received a parcel from Conhismotor in the post and enthusiastically opened it already with a picture in my head of once again cycling to work only to find the complete wrong parts inside,this information I Immediately E mailed to Conhismotor who basically said it was tough and they would only send any more parts if I bought them and also suggested I buy another full battery (the cheek) which at 230 pounds is no laughing matter.I am left with a battery I cant buy parts for here in the UK (reluctant to buy from elsewhere because of this experience) so unless you think 230 pounds for two months use of a battery is ok I would strongly recommend you to stay away from Conhismotor(by the way they have a few different sales accounts on Ebay and maybe elsewhere using different names so beware) and advise anyone who you class as a freind to also steer well clear of this shoddy company.
Regards to you all and happy cycling
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Conhismotor batteries

ray 12 January, 2012 11:54PM

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cotterpin 13 January, 2012 10:54AM

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Tomshake 29 November, 2015 02:08AM


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