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08 February, 2012 04:42PM
The most important aspect of buying a bike is to make sure that you are comfortable on it. As Docb and I keep saying on here, there is a handful of factories in the Far East churning out bikes for all the different "brands" that you see in the cycle shops, and the vast majority of these brands use Shimano components. Thus the only differences between brands are in the frame design and the level of components. At £4-500 one brand may have a better chainset than the next but inferior bottom bracket (which you can't see) whilst a third may have more up-market wheels, but they are all going to be made to fit that price point.
My advice would be to look at whatever bikes your local cycles shops are selling, if possible try out several that you think might be suitable, heed whatever advice is given and buy the most comfortable you one can. Mail order/internet bikes may appear cheaper but, YOU have to build it, which with some brands will invalidate any manufacturers warranty, you don't get a free safety check after (typically) 4 - 6 weeks, and it has to be said that your local dealer will be less likely to be as helpful to you in the future than if you had bought from him.
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Women's bike for commuting

jemski101 08 February, 2012 10:21AM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

jemski101 08 February, 2012 02:48PM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

cotterpin 08 February, 2012 04:42PM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

DocB 08 February, 2012 04:51PM


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