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Re: Women's bike for commuting

08 February, 2012 04:51PM
Hi jemski,

Has as been said many times before in answer to your question, the name on the side of the bike is the least important thing to look at when choosing a bike. Nearly all of them come from the same factories, made by the same people on the same machines from the same components and as a general rule there are no bargains and you get what you pay for. £4-500 should get you something decent.

A hybrid is probably what would suit you best. Next thing to work out is whether you need a ladies bike of not - I assume from your posts you are a lady. Ladies tend to have long legs and short arms when compared with blokes and so "ladies" bikes tend to be shorter for a given height. If you fit the norm then you would be best suited by either a step through frame or a crossbar frame designed for a lady. Be wary of getting a bike that is too small for you, a common problem I find for ladies who have not been well advised. Next look for a bike where all the components are of the same specification - a quick look at the Marin suggests it fits into that category. Too many bikes in your price range have mixed up specs.... more expensive stuff to make it look good combined with cheap stuff to get the price down and a bike is only as good as its cheapest component. -

What I suggest is you look in a couple or three bike shops and see what they have to offer and to find out if they are interested in getting you on the right bike or just interested in selling you anything. Be wary of anybody whoo only wants to tell you what a bargain you would be getting because there are no bargains! When you find somebody who you feel you can trust then go with their suggestion from the range they stock.

Good hunting.
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Women's bike for commuting

jemski101 08 February, 2012 10:21AM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

jemski101 08 February, 2012 02:48PM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

cotterpin 08 February, 2012 04:42PM

Re: Women's bike for commuting

DocB 08 February, 2012 04:51PM



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