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Re: Which tourer?

12 March, 2012 09:57AM
You have discovered that old universal truth.... you get what you pay for!

To get a tourer with a decent spec you need to be spending in the region of £1000 - £1200. You can spend more but it is not wise to spend less if you intend to do some long journeys since you want reliability from your kit.

To help you narrow down your options I'll offer a couple of comments. I am not sure about disc brakes on this type of bike and I really am not sure about mechanically operated ones. They are likely to need regular adjustment because they don't self adjust, and, depending on how you ride, pad wear rates might be a bit high.

I am a Ridgeback dealer (ALERT) so I will put in a word for the Panorama. It is a very nice piece of kit and would do what you want.
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Which tourer?

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