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13 March, 2012 06:22PM
Oh dear. Boy have you got a surprise coming! No matter how fit you think you are, your leg muscles are not up to it at the moment as you will use a completely different set to those used in running/walking. Two examples, many years ago I pulled a thigh muscle whilst playing football and I was struggling to walk yet I was easily able to ride a time trial that night. As mentioned in another thread on here, I sponsored a professional rugby player four years ago to do Lands End to john o Groats for charity. He ignored my training routine saying he was quite fit enough. He was off work for two weeks afterwards and unfit to play rugby for two months.
If you're going to do 90 miles a day then you need to get a bike NOW and get out on it at least 100 miles a week to give yourself any chance of completing this ride without serious injury (saddle sores are not funny).
As to what bike. I would go for a drop handlebar bike as the riding position is the most efficient and the bars give you the option of three different hand positions. You will be able to get a new one for your £500 but bear in mind that it will be the bottom of the range. (The gear shifters are much more expensive than on a flat bar bike - about three times the cost). You will also need to invest in a decent pair of cycling shorts. These have padding on the bottoms for added comfort. On no account try to use ordinary shorts as the seams run round the crotch and will give you watering eyes after a few miles. Having to stand on the pedals for the rest of the day is extremely tiring.
Hope this helps and good luck - when you get your bike and start to ride you will understand what I was saying.
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What bike do I need?

NorthernD 13 March, 2012 01:56PM

Re: What bike do I need?

DocB 13 March, 2012 03:26PM

Re: What bike do I need?

NorthernD 13 March, 2012 04:06PM

Re: What bike do I need?

cotterpin 13 March, 2012 06:22PM

Re: What bike do I need?

DocB 14 March, 2012 07:49AM

Re: What bike do I need?

NorthernD 14 March, 2012 09:19AM

Re: What bike do I need?

DocB 14 March, 2012 02:03PM


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