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Re: Need Help, I hate Cycling

02 May, 2012 10:52PM
Because... oh blimey!

You should view the gears on your bike not as (in the case of a 3x7 setup) 21 seperate gears. Yes, there are 21 (or 24, 27 or 30 or now even 33) gear combinations, but as Cotterpin said in his reply, there are almost excatly duplicated ratios across the 21 gear combinations meaning that there are significantly less than 21 different gear ratios on a "21 speed" bike.
You should, instead, consider them as three gear ranges; A low gear range with 5 different gears. A mid gear range with 6 or 7 different gears and finally, a high gear range with 5-6 different gears.

So, if you are in steep ascending landscape, you select your low gear range (smallest chainring)
If you are in steep or moderate descending landscape, you select your high gear range (biggest chainring)
For most other situtions, moderate ascending and descending, you select your mid gear range (and if on tarmac, you possibly alternate between mid and high ranges).

By having three gear ranges which overlap significantly, you will find that you can minimise the changes of front chainring selection, making your gear transitions smoother.

Racing bikes (ie the old drop handlebar "I knew I was right about that saddle" type bikes) rarely encounter such steep or diffuclt ascents that the lowest range offered on mountain bikes is required (where the terrain makes the effort required increase). In more recent times, an increasing number of those very same race bikes are now being fitted with triple chainrings. This serves two purposes; it allows the gear ratios within each of the three ranges to be tighter together giving more finite control AND it allows the makers to extend the number of sprockets fitted at the back. Pick any two of the ranges in the diagram and you'll see that at least one sprocket/chainring combination is inadvisable. With three, all sprockets and all chainrings become usable, though not every combination.

Murray... Feel free to pick whatever you wish and place in wikipedia (though you'll want to check for typos first ;-) )

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Need Help, I hate Cycling

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siwatts 02 May, 2012 10:52PM


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