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Re: To build or to buy?

08 May, 2012 12:12AM
Likewise to Doc's answer, the custiom built option is likely to prove really rather frustrating.

The first point to conider would be that the archetypal hybrid frame is not normally something that would be available off the peg in a frame only format since custom building of hybrids is a regular request. Most commonly custom builds are undertaken as Doc mentions, to create something which isn't available through mainstream channels, but also distinclty for more sport based cycling (road or mounatin bike racing)

What may be an option for you though would be to start with an off-the-peg bike and a good retailer, then customise the specifications of your bikes to better suit your needs. Pay particular atention to upgrading wheels and ensuring that those hidden compnents (Headset and bottom bracket) are of appropriate quality. Consider the weight you'll be expecting the bike to transport and buy appropriate quality racks and luggage. Thene invest in a set of on-the-trail essentials for running repairs. Unless you're going into the depths of Eastern Europe, you'll rarely be far away from a reasonable bike dealer, but consider your choices of equipment carefully. P{ointless, for example, getting expensive hydraulic disc brakes if there is unlikely to be a nearby dealer who could fix them up if they go wrong. Stick to standard kit like cantilever or v-brakes.
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To build or to buy?

Oliver 07 May, 2012 12:58PM

Re: To build or to buy?

DocB 07 May, 2012 06:02PM

Re: To build or to buy?

siwatts 08 May, 2012 12:12AM

Re: To build or to buy?

janiebike 27 December, 2012 05:23AM



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