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Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

19 July, 2012 08:15PM
Sorry for the full version but I am so wound up.....

Anyway where was I - yes the Halfords guy photographed the fault and strait away agreed with me that it was a manafactureing problem and not of my own doing. As I had been explaining to bikes2u and describing the problem as so a child could understand. I needed my bike back in working order as soon as posible so I asked the gentalman at Halfords to fix it,email me the photo and his profesional opinion of the reason for the bike braking. I forwarded the picture of the problem and halfords statment and explained to them that the bike was been fixed and my reasons asking them to fix it and told them that I expect them to pay me back the money as I could not aford all this and to be fair shouldnt have to. Its been going on months now the bill for the repair came to £41.96. Emailing them every night and getting emails back saying he wasnt autherised to give me any money but as a gesture of good will they might just might give me £10. I ask you if thats not enough to make a saint swear I felt insulted and quiet upset after weeks and weeks I eventualy said if we break the cost down I will pay for the labour charge-£17.98 if they pay for the new parts for the new bike£23.98 ( dose that sound fair or am I cracking up? I need to know.) this as been going on for ages the customercare team(irony) and I exchanging emails but no progress. Latest update is they told me to get their address from the web and post the reciept as I did over a week a go only for tonights email I posted it to the wrong adress. Bord of excuses and am seriously thinking small claims if only out of principlel or is this the norm now the little guy getting smashed having to pay for a camara to fix the bike is this how we are getting out of the resesion swalowed the spider to catch the fly. Bad bikes, bad treatment..... If you dont wana go gray stay the f##k away
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rob.b 20 June, 2012 02:11PM

Re: bikes2udirect..awful

cotterpin 22 June, 2012 11:59AM


chris 19 July, 2012 07:44PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

chris 19 July, 2012 08:15PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

DocB 20 July, 2012 07:41AM



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