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Re: Kids bikes 14"

12 September, 2012 10:18PM
Yep, skip the 14" and look at well made small frame 16" wheel models instead.

14" wheel kids bikes typically fall into the toy bike category, are cheaply made and of (most commonly) relatively poor quality.

By buying a smaller framed 16" wheel bike, you're likely to get an additional 6-12 months use out of it and because they are offered by reputable manufacturers, they tend to wear significantly better and retain a higher resale value at their end of use period.

Take your child to a reputable bike shop and try him on a number of different models.

Things to look for are;
the reach for the brake levers... small hands struggle to get enough grip on the brake levers to adequately use them.
weight of the bike... if it's heavy, it'll be more difficult to ride.
gimmicks... avoid them!

Raleigh & Puky offer perhaps the best value bikes in that size range though there ar masses of cheaper far east "badge" bikes out there which I would not recommend. If you really want to go to town, the big name manufacturers like Scott, Specialized, Trek, Giant etc all do excellent kids bikes, but be prepared for pretty hefty ticket prices.
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Kids bikes 14"

alex falmouth 12 September, 2012 09:32PM

Re: Kids bikes 14"

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Re: Kids bikes 14"

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