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13 September, 2012 07:43AM
Toally agree with the adminman. Ridgeback (who also make excellent kids bikes) is the brand I stock but do not keep in the 14" because I feel it is a poor buy. Thats not because it is a "toy", far from it, its because the child will grow out of it very quickly.

When it comes to quality I take the view that small kids need all the help they can get and like to see them pick the bike up off the floor and be able to lock the wheels by pulling on the brake. Most manufacturers only have any eye on the price and fit low end components to their kids bikes with the consequence that the bikes will not meet those criteria. I get them in my workshop all the time especially with parents wanting to know If I can make the "brakes work better". More often than not, little can be done apart from expensively replacing the whole system.
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Kids bikes 14"

alex falmouth 12 September, 2012 09:32PM

Re: Kids bikes 14"

siwatts 12 September, 2012 10:18PM

Re: Kids bikes 14"

DocB 13 September, 2012 07:43AM


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