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Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

02 January, 2013 05:07PM

I am trying to decide on a new Hybrid, i have been back cycling for about 6 months on a very old Trek (15 years+) and decided to get myself a new bike.

I want a hybrid because ;
1. I cycle to and from work each day, 6 miles each way 50/50 split between tracks and road.
2. A group of friends regulary mountain bike and I would like to join then occasionally but can't afford 2 bikes.
3. I would like to do a couple of sportives later this year as I need to lose weight and get fitter!

So after trawling the net and visiting local shops I came up with a requirement for Hydrolic disc brakes and lock out forks and I have arranged for test rided on ;

Pinnacle Cobalt 3 and Specialized Crosstrail Sport.

Both seem to fit the bill, but ;

What should I look at when doing the test rides?

Should I worry that the hydrolic brakes on the Specialized are Tektro and not Shimano?

I know Pinnacle is Evans in-house band, does that matter? the gears seem match and it's £60 cheaper.

The Specialised bottom bracket is "Catridge bearing" is that better or worse that "FSA" ?

Any help or guidance gratefully received!

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Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

gary2seven 02 January, 2013 05:07PM

Re: Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

AdamSQZ 12 January, 2013 09:41PM

Re: Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

gary2seven 14 January, 2013 06:44AM

Re: Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

DocB 14 January, 2013 06:23PM

Re: Specialized or Pinnacle Hybrid

rovers1875 18 March, 2013 09:57PM



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