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05 January, 2013 10:08AM
Some points.....

As a novice you want good advice and the best place to get that is face to face with somebody who knows their stuff. You will get lots of opinion on line but sorting the good advice out from the prejudice is nigh on impossible. So, go into a couple of real bike shops and see what they have got around your price point and listen to what they have to say. Don't take the means to pay with you. The bike will always be there tomorrow and a bit of time to reflect on what you have been told is always useful with a bike purchase since if you get it right then everything will go the way you want but get it wrong and it will finish up at the back of the shed gathering dust.

With respect to on line "bargains". Remember, you get what you pay for. If the bikes are at a big "discount" then this tells you one of two things. Either the discount is mythical and the bikes were always intended to be sold at the lower price or, it was always intended to sell them at the higher price but they couldn't and that was because the public and more importantly the trade thought that they were not worth it. Remember, there are no bargains, you get what you pay for.

Bikes come from the factories in pieces. They have to be built and this requires care and expertise. The most likely reason why the chain kept jumping off the Carrera is that it had not been set up properly - a common fault with Halfords bikes. Also, and this applies more to cheaper bikes, it is often necessary to have them reset after a bit of riding. That is why going to your local bike shop is a good place to start rather than the internet. You have somewhere you can pop into to get things sorted out - you cannot do that on internet bought bikes.

I know i might sound a bit cynical and gruff, but there is a bit of sense in what I am saying and my advice is to get round a couple of shops. Most are friendlily and helpful. If you go into one that isn't, then move onto another. You will eventually find one who you like and who will get you sorted and the package you will get - bike, build quality and ease of sorting any issues - will be better value than anything you will get on the internet.


I hazve not suggested any bikes! That's because in your price range they are much of a muchness and the real difference between bikes is who built it and serviced it.
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Low maintenance commuter wanted for around £250

HokkaHokka 04 January, 2013 10:05PM

Re: Low maintenance commuter wanted for around £250

DocB 05 January, 2013 10:08AM

Re: Low maintenance commuter wanted for around £250

HokkaHokka 05 January, 2013 06:09PM

Re: Low maintenance commuter wanted for around £250

DocB 05 January, 2013 07:36PM

Re: Low maintenance commuter wanted for around £250

HokkaHokka 05 January, 2013 09:52PM


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