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Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

18 January, 2013 05:22PM
I recently requested advice from the Forum regarding tube sizeing and had some excellent advice from need some help with tyres due to problem.

The bike I am attempting to get road worthy is a dawes street cruiser which like me has been standing for some time resulting in perished tyres and tubes(not me the bike!!)

Having replaced the tubes I then replaced the tyres with Schwalbe Marathon puncture resistance ones.700X38C (same size as tyres removed)

The problem I now have is that rear wheel does not have sufficient clearance between it and mudguard!!I have tried every form of adjustment but tyre constantly binds on mudguard.

Would I be right in thinking that these puncture resistance tyres have thicker treads due to extra layers and that therefore the overall diameter is either larger or cross section is thicker???If so this would explain lack of clearance?

If this is the case what tyres should I look for ?remembering that it is a town bike and not a mountain bike so profile needs to be narrow?
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Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

caskin 18 January, 2013 05:22PM

Re: Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

DocB 19 January, 2013 07:50AM

Re: Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

caskin 19 January, 2013 09:34AM



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