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Re: Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

19 January, 2013 09:34AM
Without seeing the bike, I think you have got the explanation right. In my experience the width designation (second number in the 700x38 code) is more of a good guide rather than an absolute measurement and the depth of the tyre can vary quite a lot from maker to maker and it is possible for one 700x38 tyre to clear mudguards whilst a second will not. The problem will be accentuated if you have the super puncture resistant tyres which have a thick plastic layer built into the casing.

If you have exhausted the adjustments available on the mud guard then your best bet is to swap the tyres for something narrower, say a 700x32. This will not be as deep as the 700x38 and should give sufficient clearance. It will fit on the rim with no problems and you will not notice any difference in ride if you are riding around the roads.

Thanks DocB ,I thought that might be the problem but as before just required some expert reassurance that it was the extra layers (Puncture resisitant) causing the porblem.
I think what I will do is just return to normal tyres(as was originally fitted) and take my chance with punctures!After all when I used to cycle none of this technology was available,and I dont recall getting too many once again my thanks.
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Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

caskin 18 January, 2013 05:22PM

Re: Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

DocB 19 January, 2013 07:50AM

Re: Tyre advice required by techno dinosaur!!

caskin 19 January, 2013 09:34AM


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