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kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

05 March, 2013 11:23PM
Hi, I'm looking for a bike trailer to pull my two little ones around in. Research points towards Burley D'Lite which are really expensive but I don't want to compromise on their comfort and safety. Does anyone know of any companies/website where they're a little cheaper? Cheapest I found is GBP540. Stateside is cheaper but then sending it to the UK makes it more expensive. Any views?

Also, I've had Marin mountain bikes generally through my biking career but I'm now thinking of something a little more comfortable in the sit up style. My parents have just bought a couple of "Schwinn" bikes which are really comfortable but definitely more of a sedate ride. The bike is for pulling the trailer and keeping me fit so no racing or anything too competitive but I do want to ensure that I can still get a good work out but keeping a bit of comfort. I'm based in Norfolk so muddy country roads and tracks are the usual terrain. My price range is only about GBP300 bearing in mind expense of the trailer!

Apologies to all you gung-ho cyclists out there.... Mum of two these days and pushing 40 means I've slowed down a little so my queries are a bit boring!

Keen to be fit..... Advice welcomed. Thanks!
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kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

herbie 05 March, 2013 11:23PM

Re: kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

DocB 06 March, 2013 07:13PM



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