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Re: kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

06 March, 2013 07:13PM
Hi Herbie,

Bike trailers are a bit like pushchairs... just because something costs more does not mean that it performs any better! The extra money is buying style and name badges as much as anything else. The expensive trailers like the Burleys and Chariots are very good but you will get decent performance from the mid range trailers like the Adventure variants. I would avoid the very cheap stuff. I mention the adventure not only because that is what I sell, but it is what my grandchildren rode around in until they grew too big.

By going that route you can save some money and be able to get a better bike. You would not be compromising the safety of your children and would get a bike that would work far better with the result that you would be more comfortable pulling the trailer and would use it more.
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kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

herbie 05 March, 2013 11:23PM

Re: kiddie trailers and hybrid bikes

DocB 06 March, 2013 07:13PM


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