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21 March, 2013 07:27AM
Hi edi,

I don't try to advertise in my comments on this forum, I simply say what I would suggest from the bikes I stock and always say that I am a dealer for the maker with the implication that it might colour my view. I also repair a lot of bikes and so get a good view of the strengths and weaknesses of what else is available.

Anyway, in this price level you really do get what you pay for. The problem is that most manufacturers mix and match specs so that bikes have good bits on them to make it look good and then some cheap bits to bring the price down and it takes an expert eye to spot them. Its the cheaper stuff that deteriorates and necessitates a trip to the bike shop where it can be removed and replaced - its what we do all day - so all is not lost. This leads on to a point we often make on here. Get advice on what you buy from a decent bike shop. Its in their interests not to sell you rubbish because they will have a reputation to protect. Wander in a few shops and check them out and go with the one that gives you confidence.

Finally, whatever you buy will involve compromise. My reading of your original post said hybrid to me. Good for commuting, general riding but with limited off road capability. If you go for a mountain bike then you will get better off road performance but it will be slower and harder work to ride on your commute. My first question to people who ask me about bikes is "what do you want to do on it?". Getting that question sorted out is usually the key to getting the right bike.
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bike to work up to 350£

edi 20 March, 2013 01:12PM

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DocB 20 March, 2013 04:19PM

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edi 20 March, 2013 08:49PM

Re: bike to work up to 350£

DocB 21 March, 2013 07:27AM

Re: bike to work up to 350£

edi 21 March, 2013 11:42AM

Re: bike to work up to 350£

DocB 21 March, 2013 12:52PM


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