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15 September, 2013 02:41PM

I'm thinking about buying a bike and would be grateful for a little advice. My basic questions are:

What sort of bike should I be looking for?
Where is a good place to buy from (I live in the Dartford area of Kent)
What sort of price range?
Should I consider a used model & if so is a private seller or a specialist shop better?
Should I go straight in for something that meets or exceeds all my needs or go in at the lower end of the market and upgrade if I get on with it?
Anything else I should have asked but didn't?

By way of a little background info (apologies if I have provided too much)
It will initially for commuting from home to the station (about 4 miles, mainly road/cycle track but a few off-road short-cuts through woodland, no particularly steep inclines). If I get on with it will be used in the S. Wales countryside for 4-6 1 wk periods each year - hills, rough(ish) terrain & sea-air (corrosion??).
I stand just over 6ft, am 50 y.o and am in reasonable health but am slightly overweight and have mildly debilitating injuries to both knees, my lower back and one shoulder.
The bike will be left in the station exposed to the elements through the day.
When commuting I will be carrying a fairly hefty backpack (25lbs).
I am fairly fortunate in as much my budget is not particularly pinched but not so fortunate that I can throw money away.
I don't care about aesthetics.
It's about 30 years since I have ridden a bike.

Many thanks
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Newbie after free advice

PeteD 15 September, 2013 02:41PM

Re: Newbie after free advice

Murray R Langton 16 September, 2013 09:55AM

Re: Newbie after free advice

PeteD 24 September, 2013 07:25PM

Re: Newbie after free advice

Murray R Langton 25 September, 2013 08:32AM


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