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Re: Newbie after free advice

25 September, 2013 08:32AM
Hi PeteD,

As regards price, I would suggest that £300 to £400 would buy you a perfectly adequate bike. After a few years experience you can then either modify that bike or think about a new one better suited to your needs.

Regardless of brand, practically all alloy frames are made in a few factories in the Far East, with 'manufacturers' then adding their own selection of components and brand stickers. What you are looking for is a bike with all crucial components at about the same level of quality (wheels, bearings, pedals, gears, brakes). For two bikes at the same price, if one has suspension and the other doesn't, then it is likely that the one with suspension will have some lower quality components somewhere to keep the prices the same.

I've been using Dawes bikes for the last 30+ years.

Disc brakes have the advantage that they are hardly affected by wet conditions, while caliper brakes may take a turn of the wheel to get the water off before they take effect. A disadvantage of disc brakes is that there is very little standardisation, so that brake pads may not be as easy to find replacements for. Hydraulic disc brakes are reported to be more effective that cables, but are also something else to go wrong which can't be mended by the side of the road. My personal preference is for caliper brakes which I know I can cope with if necessary.

Brake fade is not really a problem, unless you happen to be going down a steep hill which lasts for a few miles.

You might try arranging test rides at several local bike shops, if only to learn something of the attitude of the staff. Most local bike shops will only stock a few brands of bike, but at the entry level there is really that much technical difference any way. What you are looking for is a bike which feels comfortable (when correctly adjusted for you) from a bike shop you feel at home in.

Best of luck in your search.

- Murray
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Newbie after free advice

PeteD 15 September, 2013 02:41PM

Re: Newbie after free advice

Murray R Langton 16 September, 2013 09:55AM

Re: Newbie after free advice

PeteD 24 September, 2013 07:25PM

Re: Newbie after free advice

Murray R Langton 25 September, 2013 08:32AM


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