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26 January, 2014 06:51PM
First off, I totally agree with you about front suspension on hybrids. Its not something I recommend to customers ( I am a shop owner who prefers to remain anonymous ) for the reasons you suggest. Also I'm not totally convinced that the much of suspension fitted to hybrids is particularly effective.

Frankly there is not a lot you can do. If the suspension seat pin has any adjustment then you can play with it to see what happens and find out if there is a sweet spot which suits you. You could maybe try a fatter tyre and run it at a lowish pressure but you will pay a penalty with increased drag. The bottom line is that basic alloy frames have to be designed so that they don't flex when you put some load on the pedals and this makes them very stiff in all directions. As a consequence they transmit the the lumps and bumps from the road to the rider with little absorption. The ride is often described as harsh. Steel frames and carbon frames are more absorbent but you need to spend a lot more money to get them. Some of the top end alloy frames approach the performance of steel but again you won't find them on basic bikes.

Maybe you are just a big girl....... sorry but you suggested it!
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