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27 January, 2014 04:05PM
It is a misconception that alloy frames are generically light. Basic frames of the sort on yours, and many other bikes, are heavier than a steel frame because, although the material is of lower density, the wall thicknesses have to be increased to get the stiffness needed and make manufacturing easier. So although the metal is lighter, much more is used with the result that the frames are heavier. You are right that the 26" wheel bike is a bit more responsive but maybe the reason why you find the the hill climbing better is because they are lowered geared than the 700C wheel.

Anyway, persevere, focus on the good things rather than the minor irritations and start saving.

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Cycle Comfort

Steve 25 January, 2014 09:33PM

Re: Cycle Comfort

DocB 26 January, 2014 08:16AM

Re: Cycle Comfort

Steve 26 January, 2014 06:14PM

Re: Cycle Comfort

DocB 26 January, 2014 06:51PM

Re: Cycle Comfort

Steve 27 January, 2014 03:33PM

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DocB 27 January, 2014 04:05PM

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Murray R Langton 28 January, 2014 10:46PM

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Steve 29 January, 2014 09:05PM

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DocB 30 January, 2014 07:37AM

Re: Cycle Comfort

Steve 30 January, 2014 03:31PM


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