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28 January, 2014 10:46PM
Hi Steve,
You have made some comparisons between 700c and 26" wheels. You can only really compare them directly if the tyres are the same and the effective gear ratios are the same.

I've been using 700c wheels on both hybrids and a touring bike for over thirty years now. I generally use tyres which are either 35 mm wide or 38 mm wide with a moderate tread (no knobbly bits). By selecting the right gear I can cycle up quite steep hills without too much problem without even standing on the pedals (1 in 5 is my limit though that is a bit of an effort). Elsewhere on this site (near top left of the page) there is a 'Gear Calculator' which enables you to determine the actual gearing which your bike has.

Do you actually use all your gears? If you don't use the top two or three gears then it might be worth considering getting smaller chainrings which will give you lower gears for hill climbing while keeping your usable top gears.

- Murray
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