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29 January, 2014 09:05PM
Thanks for your reply Murray...
I had a mountain bike before my current Hybrid 700c. The gearing was exactly the same 48x38x28 chain rings,14-28 rear cassette with road biased tyres 'cause i was aware the amount of drag the knobblies were causing.

I think what i need to do with regards my hybrid is maybe fit slightly narrower tyres with a smoother profile/tread as mine are 40mm with (although not knobbly) a chunky trail type tread and i think that may be slowing me down a bit. I mean they're great for any light off road stuff but possibly a bit too chunky and slow for the road.

With regards using all my gears it's actually a bit the other way round i hardly ever use the 28 small ring on the front and i don't think i've ever used the 28 cog on the back in any combination, lowest i've had to go maybe 28 ring front 22 cog rear going up steep hills... I just find it slower uphill and accelerating than the 26" wheel with the same gear combination... I suppose it's because you're turning a bigger mass and just need to select lower gearing, haven't quite found that sweet combination yet, cycling nirvana if you will...

Yours fussily, Steve...
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