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Re: Help needed please

28 March, 2014 11:41PM
From your description of proposed cycling, I would suggest that you look at a 'hybrid' bike.

As an example:

It is best to go to a proper bike shop (a shop whose main business is selling and servicing bicycles). Some shops still have some 2013 models in stock, which they may be prepared to sell at a lower price than the 2014 models. If new bikes are beyond your budget then a bike shop may be able to point you at a source for second-hand bikes. If possible, visit several local bike shops, and see which ones you feel most comfortable with.

There may well be a local cycling group, and they may have some experience as to which local shops are good.

A good bike shop should be able to find a bike of the right size, and could well allow test rides.

With arthritis, you want a bike with lowish gears. If you look at the technical spec of a bike, you should find something like '48-38-28T chainrings". These numbers refer to how many teeth are on each of the sprockets attached to the right-hand pedal. The particular numbers I have quoted are suitable for strong males. To get lower gears more suited to your needs, get them changed before purchase to '42-32-22'.

If you are likely to ride in damp conditions (when raining or after rain) then I would strongly recommend mudguards. If you want to carry anything (lunch, shopping, etc.) then you will need either a front basket or a rear carrier with bag. A good quality lock is also recommended. A pump is a good idea, since I find that I need to top up the tyres every few weeks. Whether or not you wear a cycle helmet is up to you - there are arguments both ways (I personally wear a helmet, but I would strongly oppose any legislation to make such wearing compulsory).

Best of luck in your search. Don't hesitate to ask more questions if I've failed to make myself clear.

- Murray
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Help needed please

Bizzylizzy 28 March, 2014 01:45AM

Re: Help needed please

Murray R Langton 28 March, 2014 11:41PM



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