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25 June, 2014 01:33AM
Hey guys, my name's Liang I'm a college student and cyclist at USC. I've created a lock that specifically secures the wheels of a bike. I hope I can hear from you who are experts in biking and may be also locking. Here’s a link about what it looks.
Hope you love the sleek design of the lock, which also doubles as a bottle opener.

The lock is a supplement for U-Locks. It replaces the traditional nuts on the wheel sides, protecting the removal of wheels by regular wrenches, hammers or screwdrivers (believe me, I tried). Its key looks like a wrench, which is the only tool that can remove the “nuts”. The Nutlocks do not affect the wheels from rolling. Therefore, once they are on your bike, you needn’t crouch every time when you wanna lock your wheels. However, we still need a U-lock to stick the bike to a stable object.

There are some similar products, including Pinhead, Pitlock and other locks available on However, most of them have their slight deficiencies. My job was to find a solution to all of them and bring the best user experience.
1) The extraordinary material that we use
We use a one of the toughest stainless steels that is also highly corrosive resistant (SS grade 17-4PH) while competitors like Pinhead use lower quality materials like aluminum, plastic, or more corrosive-vulnerable steel. We are using a high-end manufacturer (they currently manufacture for the Chinese military) to ensure the high quality standards.
2) The safety against replicates and our great variation
Our key is much harder to replicate as we have multiple variations. The way the actual key works itself is it has to follow a perfect curvature in order to unloosen the nut, where as competitors use more common shapes (i.e. Pinhead needs just a cylindrical piece to fit in each cutout in order to open it).
Our key is also smaller, not bulky at all, and fits just like a regular car key. So using it on the go would be easier, compared to Pinhead who has a bulky key.
We are consistently testing and adding new variations of our locks. If a thief wants to get a full collection of our keys, he will have to spend thousands of dollars, since we give out the keys and locks with a random pattern.
3) The Better Price
Our price point is also lower - our solid axle lock is priced at $25 whereas Pinheads is $35 retail MSRP.

To be honest, these are all just slight improvements... But when using products, specifically with bikes, the little things and ease of use go a long ways... We've used a few competitors and each one just seemed to miss key points (whether it be price, usability, security, etc.). We're hoping to fill in all these holes and any advice from others who also live and breathe in this space (cough... that'd be you guys) is what's moving us towards continual improvement.

I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on the product, whether or not you'd use it, and any advice you have (from business/marketing ideas to product improvements).


2012 S-Work Tarmac SL4, Mavic Aksium S (for training), PowerTap G3

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Asking for Feedback about the New Bike Lock I Designed

bickeylikey 25 June, 2014 01:33AM


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