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wrist pain

Jane Thompson
27 December, 2014 05:49PM
I've cycled for years and years - but just to commute - so a long cycle ride for me would be one that lasted more than an hour. But last summer my husband and I went on a cycle tour in Bavaria with German friends, cycling 8 hours a day, and we enjoyed it so much that we've invested in a couple of touring bikes, and panniers and other kit and plan to do some cycle touring on our own.

I was amazed how easy I found it - I was expecting serious saddle-soreness, and fatigue. None of which actually happened, and we managed to cover 379km in under 10 days.

BUT my wrists hurt like hell after the first day and a bit, and when we got home my fingers were numb for a few days so I'm guessing I'd been pressing on nerves in my wrists.

So I'm anxious to avoid that happening again - my new bike is smaller and a more comfortable ride than the bike I borrowed in Bavaria. I have straight handlbars but with grips that are shaped to allow me to vary position and support my hands.

Any other suggestions to help me look after my wrists? Are there gloves that would help support my wrists? Is it worth doing exercises to strengthen them? I'd be grateful for any ideas and advice :-)
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wrist pain

Jane Thompson 27 December, 2014 05:49PM

Re: wrist pain

Murray R Langton 28 December, 2014 12:27PM


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