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26 July, 2015 11:47AM
Wow. That is a lot of questions and you appear to have a good grasp of what you want!

Unfortunately wish lists rarely match budgets and I'm afraid to tell you that your budget and specifications are some way apart.

Basically you have two strategies:

1. Buy a new bike which covers most of what you want and add minimal upgrades later. (Minimal = stems, saddles e.t.c...Not hubs/wheels!)
2. Buy secondhand and upgrade.

Strategy 1. -
Easier to get the foundations of your perfect bike. Correct frame size/fit most importantly followed by the majority of the specs you want.
You get some thing like the Charge Grater 3 Mixte at £649.99rrp

Over your budget hear you cry! Yes and no. Are you able to get Cycle to work scheme? This would in effect half the price and bring it within budget.
Plus you may be able to persuade your Local Bike Shop to take your old bike in part-exchange and get them to make a few changes to some of the components..

Strategy 2. -
Buy secondhand and fix it up? This is only going to be cost effective if you plan to do all the work yourself. Paying a LBS to do your upgrades will cost you a lot more money than buying a new bike in the long run.
The Hob you are looking at is a fine bike and does come in a hub geared version so the chainstay width will be OK however, if you buy a new hub (stumey 3 speed approx £85, or Alfine 8 spd approx £150) then re-lace the wheel you will have already eaten a large part of your budget with the purchase price. Then you need to add shifters, cabling e.t.c.
I believe the Hob comes with the ladies specific 'ladle' saddle which is quite highly rated.

Steering sensitivity is determined by handlebar width and stem length. Unfortunately, it's about trying out different combos to get correct fit for reach and comfort...

I wouldn't recommend solid tyres if your wanting to go faster than your current speed. Wheel rotational weight is one of the biggest factors in speed and handling! You will be fine with some good quality tyres with additional puncture resistance.

You'll need to make the decision about disc brakes at the same time as you change the hub. You may not be able to fit discs to the hob though. It will require disc mounts on the frame.

Hope this helps.

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Thoughts on new bike strategy?

silver_girl 15 July, 2015 10:12PM

Re: Thoughts on new bike strategy?

The_Fettler 26 July, 2015 11:47AM

Re: Thoughts on new bike strategy?

kea248 28 July, 2015 03:48AM


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