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Bike buying help

17 December, 2015 10:42PM
Ok, so I have a kind of complicated story...
I am a beginner rider, but I am not a beginner owner...
I owned a very nice $1,500 bike, which was sadly stolen. It was a hardtail, roxshox fork, hydraulic disc breaks etc;
I am now on a very low budget, but of course I want something as nice. It was very difficult to make up my mind on what to buy the last time as I am a very petite 5' woman, and according to all advice I have received thus far I should buy a women specific bike, but I am not adverse to buying something else if it feels right for me... I also have a biking crazy family, so can easily swap out components, due to the amount of extras laying around here. I have around 340-400 dollars to spend. I will be hitting trails on the weekends, going to dirt jumps, and riding at an indoor mountain bike park, but riding mostly on the road during the week. Can anyone possibly help me??
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Bike buying help

Holly 17 December, 2015 10:42PM

Re: Bike buying help

Bikephil 23 December, 2015 12:30PM

Re: Bike buying help

Holly 06 April, 2016 03:21AM


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