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Advice on what bike

23 August, 2016 10:07PM
Hi all and trust you can advise/help. At moment I have a steel frame Elswick Turbo 12 owned from new in 1979 which for its age is in excellent condition but It is getting a bit heavy for me. I am wondering what I should buy to not replace it as such but as a more up to date alternative bike as it has great sentimental value. I am in my 60s and mostly ride Sustrans trails/quiet roads but living in Wales there are a lot of hills as you would expect. I find some pressure on my shoulders with the Elswick. Height is 5 ft 11 and weight circa 15 stone. I do about 30 miles on my own on a ride, like the drop handle bars but naturally don't belt along and comfort is more important than speed. Maximum spend is circa £1,000 -1500 although if cheaper without sacrificing quality and meets my needs - fine. As you can see above I tend to keep my bikes long term (and cared for) so ease of maintenance/durability would help. I don't like cleats although recognise their value since a friend broke a hip in a fall and could not extract his feet in time. I realise this could a complex question and may be a little short on details but any advice appreciated. Thanks for any response in advance. Cheers, Hugh
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Advice on what bike

Hugh 23 August, 2016 10:07PM


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