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Re: Choosing the right bike

26 September, 2017 06:25PM
It is not clear as to how experienced a cyclist you are, nor how far you would be cycling to work.

Unless you have plenty of experience you actually need to try them out and see how they feel.

Both bikes appear to have the same chain set (50/34). Unless you are fairly strong it is likely that both bikes have too high a top gear, in which case you could finish up with only using half the gears. My 30-year old son, who is reasonably fit and strong, found that even a 48 tooth chain ring was too hard for him to push.

Disc brakes in general are more powerful than brakes which operate on the wheel rim, but can be more finicky to adjust. My personal worry with hydraulic brakes is that you can't make roadside repairs if something goes wrong.

I personally found, after trying for 7 years, that I didn't like using a bike with drop handlebars in London traffic, since I found it slightly more awkward to turn my head and look behind - this is a very subjective aspect.

Have you looked at the Dawes Discovery range of bicycles? (I've been riding Dawes since about 1983.)

If you respond with some indication of your experience, distance to work, hills on way to/from work, strength etc. then I can perhaps offer more specific advice.

I would strongly suggest that you find a local bike shop (not Halfords) and see what suggestions they can make.

- Murray
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Choosing the right bike

Lauren 26 September, 2017 03:50PM

Re: Choosing the right bike

Murray R Langton 26 September, 2017 06:25PM



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