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Posting Rules and Requirements.

21 July, 2008 12:47AM
This area is solely for the posting of suggested rides. Please do not use this as a general discussion area.

There are a few rules and requirements;

1. Registered Users ONLY may create new posts in this area of the forum, although unregistered users may reply.

2. Please make posts clear and concise.
2.1 Post SUBJECT:
To make life easier for people reading your suggested ride, please include the Town, County and Ride/Route difficulty in the subject field.
e.g. Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 3 miles, NOVICE
2.2 Route/Ride details:
Please try to give as much information about the ride/route as possible.
e.g. amenities en route, starting points, local landmarks, any difficult sections that might catch people out. etc

3. Replies.
3.1 If you do reply to a route/ride post with questions about it, please anticipate not receiving a response from the author. It is possible that they will not see it and other visitors are unlikely to be able to respond UNLESS they have experience of the particular ride.
3.2 Please make any replies relevant to the original post. For example, if there is a known extension to a route OR if you are sharing your experiences of the route.

4. Unsuitable Posts and Replies will be either deleted or moved into a more suitable discussion area.

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Posting Rules and Requirements.

siwatts 21 July, 2008 12:47AM

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