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Re: My bike

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25 June, 2001 01:50AM
Posted by Si on January 03, 19101 at 18:01:37:

In Reply to: My bike posted by Daniel on December 29, 19100 at 23:55:13:

Hard to comment about
the individual limits of your bike, because in most instances it is not the bike but the rider that decides how well a machine will fair. If you can learn how to ride "softly" ie without
doing anything that could lead to damage, ie landing heavily without absorbing shocks with your arms and legs, ease your weight off the saddle slightly etc, you should find that your bike
will give you good service.
HOWEVER, nobody can tell you exactly what your bike is capable of because there are so many variables involved. Just because you have a bike with front and rear
suspension, does not make it indestructible and you should still take care of how you ride.

Have fun on your new bike!

: I have a Saracen RAW 2 2000...i have taken it out once
down an off-beaten no expert but i think i took the hills and jumps just wondering the limits of my bike...
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My bike

Old Message 25 June, 2001 01:50AM

Re: My bike

Old Message 25 June, 2001 01:50AM


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