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Re: Shimano gears

31 August, 2008 11:47AM

Wow what an issue to raise!

First, the simple bit. FD-050 (FD stands for Front Derailleur) is the basic Shimano front mech which comes with shims to fit all seat tubes and can operate by being pulled from the top or the bottom. I would fit it into the Tourney level.

Getting your head around all the Shimano stuff, that is a different matter. I'll give you a few generalities and like all generalities somebody will come up somwhere with detail that does not fit.

In the mountainbike world the shimano general hierarchy is: Tourney, Acera/Alivio, Deore, LX, XT, and XTR. As you go up the list then the kit is better made to better standards, is lighter, works much more smoothly and is more expensive. What you have then to realise is that Shimano do change the the kit in each of these ranges and each time they do then they will give the changed parts a new number. Thats where the Mxxx codes come from. You will find lots and lots of them in the tech section of the Shimano website. As a general guide you will not go far wrong if you stick with the names rather than the codes.

What you have picked up on the bike you mention is that the bits are at different levels in the spec range. More than that, I suspect that if you look at all the other boring bits ( hubs, chainset, bottom bracket, headset) you will find other parts made to even more different standards.

I keep saying on here that although manufacturers are always trying to persuade you otherwise, you get what you pay for. One way they do it is to put a one or two higher spec items on a bike (the rear derailleur is the usual candidate because you can see it) and then put cheaper stuff elsewhere to meet a price target. Whether they are trying to deceive or not is a matter of opinion. Some mix ups work OK. Others work OK if ridden within the capabilities of the lower spec kit. There are some practices which I really don't like.... bottom brackets which look like a shimano sealed unit until you get them out and find a cheap unsealed unit that has collapsed within a few months, is the thing I hate most. My own preference is always for as even a spec as possible across the bike. You then know what you are dealing with and what its capabilities are.

Hope that helps
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