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Re: Wheel size

10 November, 2008 05:15PM
It's 700c!

Bike wheel sizes are measured in different ways, depending upon the type of bike.

For example, a 26" mountain bike wheel has a 26" diameter rim.

Yours i a hybrid, and as such, like many other road going bikes (like race bikes) has a 700c wheel. But 700c isn;t actually a measurement in it's own right.

700c is the modern equivalent to the old imperial 27" wheel, although slightly smaller.

The 700 x 38c bnreaks down as:

Diameter: 700c (so pretty much any 700c tyre will fit)
Tyre width: 38 (the width is generally expressed in mm) so a 700 x 38 has a nominal width of 38mm BUT this depends upon the rim width.

Hybrids are typically fitted with 28mm or wider tyres. Racing bikes are typically fitted with 25mm or narrower.

The old 27 x 1 1/4" is an old imperial size common in britain until the early eighties when we switched to the european 700c size favoure on the continent. 27 x 1 1/4", whilst not found on any new bikes, is making a resurgence apparently as more and more people dig their old racers out of the shed to ride to work!
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